Mars Venus Coaching March Training Class

Participating trainers included Dr. John Gray, brand founder and Rich Bernstein, Global President/CEO.

Master Franchise Graduates included Jan Wood – Florida, John Korovinis – Victoria, Australia, and Pam Lippitt – Colorado. Coach Graduates included Loyde Robinson – Nevada and Nadia Ansari – Wales, UK now the first Mars Venus Coach in her country.

Visitors to the seven-day session included Scott Lippitt, Master Franchisee – Colorado and Coach Rhonda Love-West, from the Rhode Island territory.

Dr. Gray inspired the newest members of the Mars Venus Coaching family while discussing his views and principles from his best-selling book, “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” and directly relating his training theme to his latest book, “Why Mars and Venus Collide” and several others from his library of some 16 books covering gender differences.

In congratulating the new graduates, Rich Bernstein, President/CEO, added, “You have all traveled a long way in every sense. The principles, processes, and techniques learned here will affect you, as well as your clients. The path to helping others has begun. You will find both tremendous challenges, as well as tremendous rewards during your journey.”

Since relocating the Global Headquarters to Las Vegas from Australia in October of last year, Mars Venus Coaching celebrated a successful year with coaches now operating in eleven countries: United Kingdom, Romania, France, Guatemala, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, Slovenia, Australia, and both the domestic USA as well as the Territory of Puerto Rico.

For more information about Mars Venus Coaching, contact Rich Bernstein at the Mars Venus Coaching Global Headquarters at 702-835-9295. Please visit us at

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