Mars Venus Coaching Expands Again

These new coaches completed the initial Mars Venus Coaching induction program in San Diego in August and have returned to their respective territories to begin building their businesses.

The new Success Coaches include Melodie Tucker in Florida, Bonita Brown in Maryland, Thom Faglie in Texas, Ed Burke in Nevada and the first Mars Venus Success Coach in Italy – Paolo Benassi in Rome.

From diverse backgrounds that include mortgage banking, travel, technology, entertainment and counseling, the coaches mastered intensive days in the initial training. Now the second phase begins -they continue their training via the 12 week Mars Venus Quickstart Program.

The Quickstart Program is uniquely focused on applying the training experience to obtain clients and launch each franchisees’ business – a balance of marketing and coaching skills. Continuing as a class, the new coaches will participate in a teleconference call each week as they build their skills, acquire new clients, and share their experiences.

Simultaneously, each coach will have a “Coaches’ Coach”, who is an experienced coach who will work with them on a weekly and individual basis – so a third dimension to the Mars Venus Training and Support Program.

Mars Venus Coaching systems are geared to work with both the personal relationship and executive client population for an unprecedented approach to a broader market.

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