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michael_kubinaMichael Kubina
Success Coach
Waldweg 15
31241 Ilsede
Office Phone: (0049) 5172-9675036
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Michael joined Mars Venus Coaching after much thought and careful due diligence. When Michael joined Mars Venus Coaching, he had been looking for the right move in life for him and his family.

After speaking with Rich Bernstein and researching John Gray, Ph.D. and his philosophies as well as Mars Venus Coaching systems and products Michael was confident that Mars Venus Coaching was the perfect franchise opportunity for him.

Michael is an expert in helping you become your best. That is his passion. Whether you simply want a happier and more satisfying life, or you want to accelerate your business success – Michael can help you get there.

With over 14 years of professional, business, and personal experiences within the financial coaching field, and over 10 years in the personal and business coaching field, Michael has the knowledge, drive, experience, and desire to help you become your best.

Originally trained as a Coach in the Dresdner Bank, Michael has owned and operated his own independent enterprise since 2003. His experience as a financial planner has enabled him to amass a wealth of knowledge and experience in both the personal/relationship as well as the business arenas.

He attended several coaching programs in workshops for financial institutes and has gained managerial and personal responsibility before becoming the first German practitioner under the Mars Venus Coaching brand founded on the principles and programs of bestselling author John Gray, Ph.D. Michael is very proud to be a part of this growing international team.

Michael’s first exposure to professional coaching was as a client. By working with a coach he was able to gain a clearer “outside looking-in perspective” – particularly with the priorities of his life and business. He was so impressed with the results he experienced from working with his own coach that he decided to become a coach himself.

Michael practices what he preaches. He is specifically trained as a Mars Venus Coach and maintains several coaches of his own that coach him to be and remain his best. He uses a personal coach to help him in his personal life and development and he has his own Business Coach who helps and coaches him in his own coaching business. This might sound strange “a business coach with a business coach” – but yes it’s true. Michael firmly believes everyone (including himself) can benefit from having an outside perspective to help you improve your business and even your personal life.

Michael works with individuals, groups, couples, business owners, managers and leaders. He has a strong desire to help you achieve your professional and personal goals. Bottom line – he helps you realize and reach your full potential.

Being multi-lingual, Michael can also provide his services in a variety of languages – specifically in English, French, or German.

Michael looks forward to meet you.

Now you might be asking yourself: “What could I really gain by working with Michael?”

Ask yourself this: “What if it would make all the difference I am looking for; in my life and/or my business? What if?”

Contact Michael now – it costs nothing to find out how working with Michael could improve your business and lifestyle. It could also be the best decision you’ve ever made.

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Tel: (0049) 5172-9675036

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