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Mars Venus Driven by Innovation

Friday, September 7th, 2012
Innovation Opens the Door

Innovation Opens the Door

Businesses that withstand the test of time, no matter the product or service they offer, rely on two things: (1) Innovation and (2) Character-Based Services. Let’s about innovation, however to truly understand how to get ahead the second ingredient, Character-Based Services, of creating value for your internal and external customers is no longer optional. You can only have a recipe for success when you are founded on core values.  The quality of life for yourself, your employees, and your customers increase because you are providing a value-based service which addresses needs to make people feel connected to one another.  However, to keep business opportunities coming your way, your business model must have creative innovation as part of the plan from the beginning. So remember add, taste, and stir every day!

Being Innovative Means Adapting and Thinking Creatively—All the Time

Add a Dash of New

There is never a moment when you rest on your laurels, or expect mediocrity; either from yourself or those working for and with you. Thinking outside of the box should be your norm, as well as motivating and allowing others to do the same. By giving others you come in contact with the opportunity to be creative and voice ideas, you cultivate a climate that is inclusive, rather than obtrusive. This means no micro-managing or tasting the soup every two minutes! This allows your business to keep its doors open to implementing cutting-edge opportunities as they become the next big thing.

The way you stay innovative is by being well-versed in the latest trends. Whether it is in leadership or with technological advances, you have to stay current. Reading books and articles, networking, and staying abreast through social media platforms keeps you from staying in the past or dreaming of the future. By doing small steps every day to innovate, you naturally create change. There is never a moment that you’re not adapting.

In other words, always ask why and how, then adapt proactively rather than reactively.

Stir Until Well-Blended: 90-Day Action Plans

The way you constantly adapt to change without becoming overwhelmed is by creating 90-Day Action Plans. The beauty of a 90-Day Action Plan is that your dreams and ideas are on paper for all to see. Mars Venus coaches use these during every coaching session, because they provide the framework for modeling open and honest communication. Often people and businesses seek coaching to help with time management. This gets into prioritizing, and then being able to effectively communicate your plans and intentions to those working for and with you.

As the 90-Day Action Plan is created together, Mars Venus coaches are different than other coaches because they model and teach how to use men and women’s different preferences for communicating, how they cope with stress, and how they buy/sell differently to ensure you get the added bonus of learning healthy communication skills. Learning these skills as you develop your 90-Day Action Plans together ensures you implement the new communication skills as you interact with the people that will make your business a success.

The 90-Day Action Plans not only provides a valuable working document to incite feedback from your investors and coaches (those keeping you accountable), but you also get to track your progress! You identify your vision, clarify your goals, break into strategic objectives, and further whittle down the to-dos into doable action steps.

Taste, Add Ingredients As Needed: Test & Measure

The way you measure your success is through testing and measuring how well you meet and exceed your goals in your 90-Day Action Plan(s) on an ongoing basis. Make sure to design vivid, descriptive Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that tell you benchmarks for when your goal is met. The more you’re able to describe the KPIs using your six senses—seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling, smelling, and kinesthetic awareness—the faster you’ll achieve your goals. Why? Neuroscience. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between fact or fiction, memory or visualization. You can use this like athletes do to create new neural pathways in your brain focused on everything that entails success for your envisioned goals. Remember, adapt and re-prioritize as the curve balls are thrown at you so you don’t get hit. Add, stir, taste, and add ingredients as necessary—daily!

Lyndsay Katauskas, MEd

Mars Venus Coaching

Corporate Media Relations


In Business, It’s Never About You

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Recently, I had an interaction with another business person that left me deflated. I felt deflated, because the other person was acting irrationally based on fear, rather than seeing the opportunity for what it was—mutually beneficial. We could have helped one another out in promoting our businesses. When I network it is to get to know someone so I can link them with others. As I build the relationship based on genuine interactions of getting to know them, the majority of the time I find us wanting to help and recommend each other’s services, because we value and can speak for the other’s services. When you have a working knowledge of gender and emotional intelligence you quickly realize it’s not the exchange of products or services that really matters; it’s the experience and connection that makes buying and selling memorable. This is more of an organic way of doing business, but I have found it to create sustainability, and long-term results.
A lot of times what we do not realize is that even in buying and selling, our emotions are often the deciding factor in whether the experience is a positive or negative one. So here’s the secret—always choose for your interactions to be about the other person, never about you. So in this example, while his behavior was not desirable, I let him close the door on the business relationship. It initially made me feel deflated, because there were great opportunities and possibilities, but I respected his decision. When you are able to label and identify your emotions as they are happening, instead of reacting based on emotions, you can choose logic and the best course of action.
Putting the concept, it’s never about you; it’s always about the other person benefits your business in three ways. It works in networking, with colleagues, and with customers. When you remember that it’s about the other person, and not you, then you can quickly wade through whom to pursue relationships with as you network. When you use this concept with co-workers and employees you keep the lines of communication open and honest. And, when you use this concept with customers, you create an environment where they feel good about themselves, and will want to return or recommend your product or service to others. In each of Dr. John Gray’s, Mars Venus books, the Mars Venus Coaching eWorkshops, and working with Mars Venus Coaches these principles are espoused. It is always about learning how to communicate with others in their language so they can hear and understand you. When you shut the door, you limit yourself on future opportunities. So remember when you are interacting with others, ask yourself how you can help them get what they need, not what’s in it for you. And, in doing so, people will seek out your business. And, when the other person is not of like mind, be genuine when you wish them well. You never know, they may come back!
Lyndsay Katauskas, MEd
Mars Venus Coaching
Corporate Media Relations