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Shiny Happy People At Work [BLOG]

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

It’s been quite some time since I actually worked in an office, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. The room layout, the florescent lights, my cubicle partners, the weekly birthday celebrations complete with sheet cakes and balloons. Although I have been an entrepreneur for over 10 years, I have fond memories of my work experience and I wouldn’t change a moment of it. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t always rosy; in fact, I was fired from my first real job.

Boy was that a painful experience! Fresh out of college and working for Capitol Records as an assistant in the International Marketing Department, I was going to weekly concerts, meeting recording artists and having the time of my life. That was the fun part. The work part was a little more difficult. My assistant skills were slim at best and I had a female boss who was less than friendly. Everything I did was wrong and she was always correcting me. The straw that finally broke the camel’s back was when I went over my boss’ head to her superior to ask special permission for something that she said no to. Needless to say, it did not end well. I did, however, learn a valuable lesson that has stuck with me to this day and that is to be deferential to your superiors, especially your immediate boss!

Why am I telling you this story? Because even though I got fired in the end, I realized that I truly enjoyed working! I liked dressing for work, I appreciated interacting with my co-workers, I relished in meeting the clients and I appreciated the sense of accomplishment I felt at the end of the day. Sound familiar? For many people, this is not the tune they sing. Theirs is more of a solemn tune of drudgery filled with sayings that start with “Ugh, do I have to go to work today?” or “Is tomorrow really Monday? I think I’ll call in sick.”

Since we spend so many of our waking hours at the office, it behooves us to invest a little more effort into putting on a shiny, happy face for work. It can be your greatest asset! A good attitude is integral to any office environment whether it consists of 2 workers or 200. Turning a negative attitude into a positive one can help you make the most of your workday. Here are a few workplace etiquette tips we hope will help keep things peaceful and positive in your work environment.

Wrap Up Your Troubles

Pack up your troubles in a nice box, wrap them with a bow and set the imaginary package on a shelf in your home. Everyone has a certain amount of stress that they can’t seem to shake. The daily pressures of living in today’s world can bring about a whole host of physical and mental problems that can cause loss of concentration, scattered thoughts and general lack of focus at work. The act of putting our troubles away before we leave the house frees us of that heavy weight and allows for a much more positive atmosphere at work.

Make A Conscious Effort

The word “work” may conjure up images that are less than desirable, but they don’t have to be debilitating. If we take on the mindset of putting 100% effort into our performance at work, the day will automatically go more smoothly. Get in the habit of displaying impeccable work habits, arriving on time, working to your full potential and staying focused and you will be surprised at the great things you can achieve.

Give Co-workers Their Space

There’s been a great deal of talk about cubicle etiquette and allowing our colleagues their space even if they are not surrounded by four walls. This is an important point that many do not take into consideration and can raise the tension level at work. So be considerate of your co-worker and (a) don’t enter another person’s cubicle unless you are invited, (b) refrain from interrupting a person who is on the phone, (c) be mindful of conducting loud conversations, and (d) avoid applying strong perfumes and eating pungent foods. Bear in mind that your cubicle is a direct reflection of you. Keep it neat and orderly and be respectful of others.

Be A Team Player

As the saying goes, there is no “I” in team. When you arrive at work, it is much easier to be cooperative, kind and patient towards others than it is to remain solitary. Support your colleagues by asking their input and valuing their remarks. Be a problem solver by offering to assist wherever help is needed. Refrain from gossip or slander and keep private matters confidential. Act as a source of encouragement to everyone and pay deference to your superiors. These characteristics will not only classify you as a dependable worker, but they may also result in greater opportunities for advancement.

Guarantee Job Security

A bad attitude can lead to permanent repercussions. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, one cannot afford to be branded as difficult or sensitive. If there is a particular struggle at work, nip it in the bud by giving others the benefit of the doubt or letting things roll off your shoulders once in a while. Taking steps to improve your disposition will lead to a much more positive outcome and make you a valuable asset rather than a disposable liability.

Now, we know it is virtually impossible to be the happy, peppy face of positivity all the time. At one point or other, you are bound to hit a wall at work. When this happens, acknowledge it, take a few deep breaths and remember you have the power within you to turn it around. If all else fails, put on a smile and fake it till you make it. Eventually, you will lighten up and all will be well again.

Lisa Gache / Beverly Hills Manners CEO, Lisa Gaché, is one of the foremost etiquette, manners and life skills experts. Her educational and entertainment company, founded in 2006, is recognized for its new school approach. Lisa has appeared in the media and contributed to various outlets, including CNN, NPR, “The Today Show,” KTLA-TV, Radio Disney, Woman’s Day, USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Post and The New York Daily News. Her contributions to blogs and websites range from the Los Angeles Times, AOL, The Huffington Post and Weddzilla. Gaché has also been a guest expert on number of reality shows including VH1’s “Charm School” and Discovery Channel’s “Living with Ed.”

Provide constant celebrations of your client’s successes

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012
Stan Mann, Success Coach

Welcome to secret number 5!  You have learned how to be in the right frame of mind to create a 7 figure business and a free life filled with bliss; how to have prospects compelled to call you and meet you; how to easily without selling share your unique service offering; how to WOW your customers and now you are ready to provide constant celebrations of your customers success.

Many people wonder what I mean by a customer’s success.  Let me address this right away.  When a customer hires your company or buys your products or services that in itself is cause for a celebration of them making a great decision.  I instantly celebrate their success with a letter, note, brownies and other items.  I write personal note cards as well.

When else could a customer have success?  Here are some examples in my own personal life of my success as a customer of other people where I wasn’t acknowledged and could have been.  I had an expert re-do my social media look.  When this was done a celebration was in order.  I had my attorney file my papers for my foundation and no celebration occurred.  And I reached a major medical change for the better and my doctor missed the celebration opportunity.

How many of these opportunities do you miss?  Each time you miss one you show the customer they aren’t really special, you don’t really care deeply about them and you certainly aren’t exceeding their expectations.

Today I want you to think about all the celebration’s you could be having.  Create a big list.  Include holidays, birthdays, purchases, milestones and anything else you can think of. Be a bit wild and crazy and include as much as you can.

Then pick at least one item and implement that with every customer.  In a week or so create a list of 12-24 ways you will celebrate each of your customers regularly.  The sky is the limit so have great fun coming up with these items.  When you see how much your customer’s appreciate you caring about them and again wowing them, you will be excited to do more and more celebrating.

I celebrate all my customer’s because they are my customers.  They are my extended family and I acknowledge and honor and celebrate them regularly.

Your Tango Expert Blog

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Your Tango Print Screen

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Mars Venus Coach Nadia Ansari

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Please take a look at our Mars Venus Coach in the United Kingdom; Nadia Ansari


Hello, and welcome, glad you decided to stop by…

Whether you’re familiar with coaching or it’s a completely new concept to you, I’m pretty confident you will have heard of the book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.

I first came across it in the form of Mars and Venus on a Date, when I started dating a particularly wonderful, but equally alien ‘Martian’ male… I’d often find myself pulling out my hair and despairing at the differences between us, at times thinking the relationship must surely be doomed! This was until a dear friend lent me her copy of the book… that was almost two years ago and I’m pleased to say that nowadays the relationship is a much happier and calmer, ever-growing and blossoming one.

So that’s where my enthusiasm for the Mars Venus work came from – because I experienced first-hand how much it worked. I’ve always been fascinated by human interactions despite being originally trained as a Business Analyst after following what others recommended as a ‘sensible degree’ in Information Systems Analysis. Even though I gained a First Class Honours in this, after some time trying to do the sensible thing, I still felt drawn more drawn to humans over computers.

Thus, as you might imagine, when the opportunity arose for me to be the first person in the UK to be trained by Dr. John Gray, said author of the now world renowned Mars & Venus name, I was pretty excited. I am proud to be the first Mars Venus coach in the UK and part of the international and ever-growing Mars Venus team – in fact I’m so committed to the idea of coaching that I have a coach too.

The reason for this is I believe continued education is essential for personal growth, and as such we could all use a coach to help us achieve our best – it is after all the reason that so many musicians and athletes already use coaches… not because they are at the bottom of the well and not sure how to get out, but because they want to continuously improve in order to achieve their best. It is personal development and learning that leads us to the wonderful feelings of empowerment and a ‘can do’ attitude. This renewed sense of understanding and achievement can have a fantastic impact on your personal and business life; as one naturally compounds the other.

OK, so that’s all very nice, but where does my drive to help you set your goals and achieve them come from? Well, just over three years ago I was diagnosed with an auto-immune condition that not only was making me very unwell, but also, as I was repeatedly informed, was ‘barely treatable and certainly incurable’. I went through a period of time feeling very sorry for myself and thinking ‘why me’ – but eventually found that far too depressing not to mention limiting – and so sought out other ways to resolve it. And I did.

Which is really what coaching is about: recognizing you’re in a situation that you’d like to change, then looking at all the various options that could enable you to make that change – then possibly trying a few that don’t work before finding one that does – following it through… and bingo, before you know it, you’re there.

It’s for that reason I’m passionate in helping people actualise and realise their full potential, both at home and at work. To help you to achieve these results, I hold seminars and one-to-one coaching sessions based on the Mars Venus Coaching principles. The focus is primarily on your personal and/or business goals; as well as helping men and women understand, respect, and appreciate their differences in both personal and professional relationships. Whether you have a general feeling that you’re not completely satisfied with life, love, work or play – or you have a very specific idea of exactly what is lacking in your life but are not quite sure how to change it, I can help you figure it out and get the changes rolling in.
So review my introduction from Dr. Gray at the top of the page, take a look at the feedback from a client below… and think about it – why not coaching? Then contact me through the email or telephone numbers listed…. and I’ll look forward to working with you in achieving your goals!

Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement. – Brian Tracy, Eat that Frog

Client Testimonial:

“I found Nadia’s life coaching extremely useful. Nadia’s methods are far more proactive and specific than business mentoring I have had in the past. Nadia understands her clients’ businesses and relationships. She provides expertise in a way that is easy to understand and put into action. She is professional and approachable, and I would highly recommend her for mentoring and seminars. Working environments can only benefit from seeking her advice.”
M. Davies
One-to-one client

A Word about Coaching

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Because life coaching and business coaching are relatively new professions, and many people haven’t had any direct experience working with a coach, the question of “how does coaching work?” is something we frequently hear.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that coaching is about giving advice.

Coaching – whether you work with a life coach or a business coach – asserts that all of the answers we seek are inside of ourselves. A good coach will not tell you what to do. The reason to work with a coach is to empower yourself to listen to your own inner voice, and to investigate the full spectrum of possible solutions to the barriers holding you or your business back. Seeking outside help can help you gain the clarity and focus necessary to succeed.
Life and business coaching are about permanent and fundamental shifts in your view of yourself and your business.  Coaching is about helping an individual or organization see a way to achieve a goal, remove a roadblock to achieving a goal, or a combination of the two.

According to Einstein, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” A coach can help you shift your thinking into that new perspective.  A coach’s tools are great, probing, enlightening questions.  And a great coach has enough experience to ask the right, questions at the right time to help you make that shift quickly.

The International Coach Federation defines corporate or executive coaching as “a process for equipping individuals and teams with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities they need to be creatively productive and effective in their commitment to themselves, their organizations, and their work.” We proudly support this definition.